Uber Has Introduced Free Guides To Hidden Gems In Dubai And You Can Submit Yours

There's defo more to Dubai than meets the eye

Uber Dubai

Think you know Dubai? Think again.

Although known for notable landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, camels in the desert at JBR and the luxurious jet-setting lifestyle- there's still SO much more to explore.

Uber, the car-hailing app understands this, which is why they've added adorable new guides in select Uber cars.

They're giving away FREE guides of the city's hidden gems

You're in for a treat, grab a card and learn something new about the city.

Dubai's gems are filled with soul-stirring stories, scents and sights

Every souk's items, spice shops, Karak houses and mandi spots have a place of their own- all adding to Dubai's untapped beauty. There's a combined community of people from all walks of life here: from fashionistas, people in music, art curators and vendors- and it'd be a shame to miss out on all the living that exists.

Everyone has stories, and if you listen carefully- you might discover something you never thought you'd see, feel or try, like these local storytellers, who have struggled, learned and developed in the city's scope.

Like Satwa's endless stream of tailoring and textile shops...

Or this underground ramen spot

Got a fave Dubai gem? Submit it to be featured

Whether it's an amazing vegan brekkie, your go-to coffee spot in Dubai, a kabsa resto, a great park, a little known furniture store, or a Filipino restaurant whipping up unforgettable tapsilog- let Uber know here.

The next volume of these guides are under process and YOUR gem could be part of it, complete with your name and why you love this particular spot.

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