6 Reasons It's Okay To Go Out On A School Night


Sometimes it's hard to justify that Monday or Tuesday night out, but it shouldn't be. 

There are so many reasons you deserve a mid-week night out, and we want to help you justify just that. 

1 Because there are great deals on weeknights

Hellooooo drink deals! 

Stereo Arcade has a a 3-for-1 deal on all beers and wine from 5-8pm daily throughout March - what a bargain! 

2 There are great bands that perform on weeknights

Stereo Arcade has a variety of local bands playing throughout the week, including Jay Wud and Jay Abo.

3 Dancing burns calories

So it's basically like going to the gym... 

4 Ladies night...

If you're a gal, it's free drinks and a great way to catch up with your friends for free. If you're a guy, you're guaranteed a busy bar with a decent gender-ratio.

Oh, and Stereo Arcade has TWO ladies' nights, with two free drinks on Tuesdays between 8-11pm in the pub AND Wednesdays are free drinks for the ladies in the club from midnight-1am.

5 You can get a table at places you'd normally be queuing up at the door for

Because those weekend suckers aren't here to clog up the dancefloor

Stereo Arcade even has a girls only bar - Girl Power - which is enforced by a security guard. 

Sorry lads.  

6 It has been a rough week and you deserve the fun

All that work stress has gotten a bit much and you need to blow off some steam

And the best place to do all these things is Stereo Arcade - the bar and pub has live music throughout the week, as well as great deals on drinks, and good vibes all night. 

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Caitlyn Davey

Caitlyn is an Aussie journalist looking to change the world. In her spare time she loves playing sport, travelling and basically doing anything that means she doesn't have to sit still.