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5 Things To Really Do At A Noodle Bar That Lets You Customise Your Dish

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With many options at a regular noodle bar and too little ‘noodle’ knowledge, at Wokyo it’s an easy-peasy, Japan-easy (see what we did there!) process picking out the perfect noodle combination. The three-step process is fun, simple, filled with possibilities and adds to the overall experience of dining at an authentic Japanese noodle bar.

Wokyo, located in JLT (with branches in other Dubai areas soon to come), is a healthy Asian noodle bar that infuses all the glory of fresh ingredients and burst of flavours, all inspired from the trendiest cities of Asia.

So from Bangkok to Tokyo, Seoul to Shanghai- their different sauces allow for foodies to experiment with those cravings. Without further ado, keep reading so you can learn the simple steps to creating your bowl of deeelish noodle goodness…

1. Start with the sauce (it makes things more fun)

Reflect on the flavour you’re craving for the day. Each individual’s craving will vary depending on their mood or on their sense of adventure. For example, one could be craving for that umami Far East flavour, or sweet and savoury South East Asian flavour- the more daring ones, on the other hand, would go for those spicy, fiery flavours.

So step 1: that’s the sauce (that defining factor that should satisfy your craving).

At Wokyo JLT, they simplify the process by having a ‘taste tester’ section for the sauces- as the customers enter. So you can taste and choose your sauce from Asia’s popular cities for names, each with its own unique flavour. Seoul for that spicy Korean flaming chilli flayva, Tokyo for the OG Wokyo oyster sauce (pretty much goes with everything!), Osaka for some classic teriyaki taste and Bangkok for the creamy coconut curry sauce.

Are you catching the pattern now? Each sauce name matches its city’s known flavour, and you’ve NINE sauces to choose from.

2. Choose the type of noodle

Are you in the mood for that classic long egg noodles (a general rule is that they are made particularly long as a symbol of long-lasting happiness) while udon noodles are more for the ones looking for that “comfort food” since they are thick and chewy in texture.

If you are in the mood for more lighter noodles- you might enjoy buckwheat noodles or rice stick noodles — both with a smoother texture made to go well with different sauces.

TIP: Rice stick noodles and glass noodles are best-enjoyed dine-in rather than on delivery.

3. Pick your wok-sizzled protein (you can keep it vegan too!)

The best part of any noodle customising is the picking of your proteins. Seeing your choice of bulgogi style beef being wok-tossed, or that fresh salmon paired with your choice teriyaki sauce. The best part about the ability to customise your dish is that it’s all ENTIRELY up to you.

Vegetarians and vegans are not ignored at Wokyo, because this noodle bar has got it ALL on vegan protein choices.

Tofu and a wide selection of vegetables like pak choi, shiitake mushroom, broccoli, snow peas, bean sprout and more – you’re not gonna feel like the odd one out, ESP in group foodie hangouts.

4. Pair it with a cool drink

Noodles paired with a refreshing drink can balance out the warmth of the dish, ending your meal in the most satisfying way possible.

At Wokyo, you have options for refreshing home-brewed Asian iced teas. Have a Thai iced tea latte after having that spicy Korean chilli or a refreshing matcha iced soy latte iced tea with your Kyoto Ponzu light soy flavoured noodle dish.
Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to feel still satisfied, regardless.

5. Grab your chopsticks and GO forth!

Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat!) in Japanese.

You can now practice your noodle selection process ASAP!

Head down to Wokyo Noodle Bar in JLT and be welcomed by its friendly staff in Japanese that will probably stick with you until after your meal, upon leaving this magenta- noodle alley of udon goodness!

The word: Irasshaimase! (Welcome)

And welcome you, they do. This go-to for the working, visiting and residing JLT peeps has been the top choice for noodle and ramen lovers since 2013- mainly because they keep it pretty simple, by allowing you to start with tasting their signature sauces, checking which noodles go with what and having your protein and veggie options readily on display.

Life is ALL about exploring possibilities

Another GREAT news is that Wokyo HQ is now open at Al Wasl Square for those who live on the other end of the Emirate AND will set-up shop in the centre of Sheikh Zayed Road in 3 months! Guess where? Yessss, Downtown Dubai peeps- your noodle game is ’bout to get stronger!

Wokyo is open daily between 11am-11pm.

For more info, call 800 WOKYO.

Hungry? Welcome to Wokyo!

All their dishes are freshly made in front of you to experience the flavours you are about to indulge.

Get into the vibe of Wokyo!

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