YAASSS: An Amazing Open-Air Art Festival Is Coming To Bluewaters

The weather is PERFECT for this

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If evening strolls, local art and live music from local performers sounds like your perfect night, read on.

A new art festival is coming to Bluewaters, the island located next to The Beach, and it's jazzing up the winter season as we know it.

It's rare we get the chance to appreciate art and music in open-air.... until the streets and boardwalk of Bluewaters opened up, that is.

Visit Bluewaters Open Gallery if you like live entertainment and art

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from March 7 - March 30

Nowhere in Dubai has vibes quite like this

The newly opened Bluewaters has attracted hordes of visitors, and whether it's the funky new eateries, the sea-views or simply the opportunity to walk over the newly-constructed footbridge that takes you there from The Beach, people are loving the new addition to Dubai.

The Street Music Festival saw local talent play sets and drew crowds of walkers, shoppers, foodies, music lovers and basically anyone who loves street vibes.

And you can expect more of the same for the Open Gallery.

Spend the best part of the year getting to this spot

Don't miss the open-mic sessions and creative art workshops

Continuing with the hugely successful open-mic sessions, the Open Gallery brings a mixture of art activities; from creating unicorn dream catchers (how fun is that?!) and canvases, to community art events and shell art fun.

There'll also be improv nights, and live performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Blue Waters

Local musicians will hit the streets during the festival

The important bits:

Bluewaters Open Gallery runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from March 7 - March 30

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