5 Yoga Poses You Should Work On Every Day To Improve Your Yoga Game

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Whether you're new to yoga or a bona fide yogi, this is the list you need to up your yoga game.

Whittled down to just five, these are your five go-to yoga poses you can practice anytime, anywhere...

5. Seated Butterfly - brilliant for those stuck at a desk all day

This pose is a great way to help open up the hips and relieve any tension that builds up in the lower back. Try this in the studio, or the next time you’re watching tv. It’s best to hold it for a minimum of 10 breaths, and practice it regularly for best results.

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Seated Butterfly

4. Reverse Warrior - a fun twist on the warrior pose

The reverse warrior takes a traditional pose like Warrior Two and makes it a bit more playful. The legs are being strengthened in this pose, and with the arm variation you get a super juicy stretch through the front side of the body. Top tip; take your mat to the beach for the ultimate chill session.

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Reverse Warrior

3. Tree Pose - more complicated than it looks

While this pose looks simple, it’s a great way to test your balance and patience! Because standing on one leg isn’t as easy as it looks. Ankle and foot muscles are activated to stabilize the body, and the pose also helps with gentle hip opening. For a more challenging variation, reach the arms up to the sky. Tip: focus the gaze to one spot to help with balance.

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Tree Pose

2. Handstand - practice on a wall first

Handstands are no doubt all over your 'gram feed, but it can be pretty terrifying getting started. There are many great preparation poses that help build strength in the arms, chest and core. Using a wall is also a great way to test this pose safely. 

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1. Seated Shoulder Opener - try this one anytime, anywhere

Sitting in a comfortable position, you can take this lovely shoulder opener from almost anywhere – even from the convenience of your desk. This is a great pose to open the chest and shoulders, and it also helps improve posture. Take at least five breaths on each side. If you can’t reach the hands together behind the back, use a yoga strap or a towel.

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Shoulder Opener

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