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There’s A New Menu At Wagamama And It Looks Seriously Good

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Little known fact, but Wagamama was created by the same guy behind Hakkasan, the first ever Chinese restaurant to receive a Michelin star. And though the concepts of the two global chains differ, the clever menu choices and passion to create fantastic dishes is the same.

So whether you choose to spend top dime at the fine-dining option, or head for a quick bowl of more wallet-friendly ramen, you’ll be equally satisfied.

Anyway, Wagamama have released some new menu items that are ideal for the cooler weather we’re tolerating these days(!). Mixing up the traditional ramen and adding a new curry, here’s everything you need to know:

What’s up with Ramen?

Just noodles right? Ramen are a traditional form of Japanese street food, and they’re made in Wagamama just like they are out on the streets of Japan (although at least here, you’re guaranteed a clean kitchen!) It’s not a complicated dish; a simple protein with some veg and a light stock. What you add next makes all the difference. Here’s what Wagamama have done

1. They’ve made a ramen with ribs, because they know what the people want

If ribs are not tender they may as well be binned, so the ribs here are cooked for six hours and then marinated in a special bbq flavour. This stuff falls right off the bone, oh and the noodles are cooked in a light chicken stock with a touch of chilli oil for an extra kick.

Screenshot 2017 01 04 At 6 58 26 Pm

2. The originals will love the Wagamama ramen

This is a mashup of all the other ramen; think a host of different meat and fish. This is the most traditional; it comes with wakame, a healthy edible seaweed, and is cooked in a chicken broth with a hint of ginger. Which means it’s one healthy dish…sooooo if you needed an excuse to order, now you’ve got one!

3. And the seafood ramen is perfect for those on the see-food diet (When you see it, you’ll want to eat it)

With prawns, (kept in their shells to keep them extra juicy) delicate sea bream and crunchy breaded tilapia and samphire (a coastal grown salty veg) this the perfect warm broth, and a seafood lovers dream.

Screenshot 2017 01 04 At 6 58 17 Pm

They’re branching out with their curries too…

The spicy Kairerasu curry can be prepared to suit you

It comes with chicken prawn or beef, and we promise you this curry will blow your mind. It’s a Thai influenced spicy red curry coconut dish, that comes with fine green beans, aubergine and chillies served with steamed white rice garnished with fried tea stained egg, coriander and chillies.

A hot bowl of this out in the sun with a tropical juice will give you all the holiday feels.

Hungry thinking about it?

Call 04 551 0192  or order online foodonclick.com

*Wagamama JBR is licensed, so you can actually have a nice cold one with your meal!

The restauratns are located on the Palm, JBR, the Greens and SZR, opposite World Trade Centre.

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