6 Reasons You Need To Watch A EURO 2016 Match At Football Fan Fest Before It Ends

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At international tournaments the Fan Zones near the stadiums are often preferred by fans than going to the matches themselves. Not least because it saves on the often inflated match day ticket prices, but also because they provide what every fan wants; good atmosphere, interaction with fans and being able to be with many of your friends, while also having a great view of the match (big screen), and access to good quality food and drinks. So imagine their was a fan zone from France right here in Dubai, that's what Fan Fest in Dubai Sports City is like. With the quarter finals commencing tonight, and only eight of the twenty-four teams remaining, here are six reasons you need to visit Fan Fest before the tournament ends.

1. It's Only 10 AED In

Includes AED 10 Entry Ticket & AED 50 on food & soft drinks. Flights to France were around 3,000 AED last time I checked. Here is how you get there. 

2. There are massive screens everywhere with lots of seating options

You have the option of large tables, benches, booths and cinema style VIP tickets. 

3. The food options are top notch

There are food trucks in the venue. Happy hour from 10:00pm to 11:00pm every night. Through out the course, our venue will operate two hours before the first match and close 30 minutes after the last match has ended.

4. It's super family friendly & great atmosphere

There is an MC who interviews fans during the matches, a DJ to play songs as the goals go in. There are places for the kids to play, it's pretty much got everything.

Football didn't exactly come home

5. You are likely to meet people of every nationality

Check out this video, who knew there were even people from Iceland living in Dubai!?

6. There are loads of Football related activities

With the quarter finals, semis, and final taking place at 11pm local time, the activities provide the perfect excuse to get down there earlier and build up to the games. 

And a bonus one, they even have free wifi

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