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A Dubai Expat Went To A Pharmacy For Meds And Came Back Home With A Brand New Maserati Ghibli

Luck just shines bright on some people folks… A Dubai resident went down to Dubai’s newest mall located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah and won himself a brand new luxury car, all for a spend of a mere AED250. Hailing from China, Rui Guo, who’s been a resident in Dubai for about 15 years went … Continued

Gradient Is Yet Another Face App That’s Taken Dubai By Storm

Even monks meditating away in the Himalayas will be knowing about the brand new app to hit the cyber shelves. After the previous app that transformed your face into that of your older self went viral earlier this year, Dubai’s newest and latest obsession is the gradient app which does something a lil bit more … Continued

The UAE Issues A Warning Against Traveling To Lebanon Amidst Rising Tensions In The Country

On Friday, October 18 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) issued a warning for all UAE citizens against travelling to Lebanon, until further notice over the recent security developments in the region. The UAE had recently lifted the travel ban for Lebanon this year, which was strictly implemented since 2016 as a result … Continued

LOL! A Resident Called Out On Dubai For Its Obsession With Putting Gold On Food

With all the major changes going on around the world, Dubai and its obsession with gold have remained unfazed. Staying true to the tag, the city of gold, Dubai proves that whatever it touches turns into gold. Even if it’s a chicken wing. From fancy gold plated Lambos, to the world’s most expensive ice-cream topped with … Continued

Dubai Twitter Is Going Out Of Control With Kylie Jenner Memes

Rise and shine Dubai!! The 22-year-old viral queen is trending on Twitter yet again! The American makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner recently took to YouTube to post a video where she was seen giving her fans a tour of her pink-themed Kylie Cosmetics office. It wasn’t all office the razzle-dazzle that resonated with the internet, it was the … Continued

The Response To A Dubai Resident’s ‘Postal Service’ Inquiry Is One To Take Notes From

If you put aside the memes, GIFs, or trolls on Twitter, the amount of response and help that you can ACTUALLY get from the social media platform is INSANE. Keywords connect communities like no other platform, where you can debate or spill the tea to your heart’s content and someone will always be there to … Continued

An Advisory Has Been Issued By The Indian Consulate To All Indians Traveling To The UAE

If you have friends or family coming down to the UAE from India any time soon, this is an important announcement that you could pass on to them to ensure a safe and hassle-free trip to the Emirates. On Monday, the Consulate General of India in the UAE took to their official Twitter handle to issue … Continued

The ‘Expat Accent’ Is Actually A Thing And This Tweet Proves That

Staying in a city that’s practically full of expats from all over the globe is sure to influence you in one way or the other! The perks of living in such a cosmopolitan community is that you probably know slangs and can pick up accents from errawhere, but the cons are that you, yourself don’t … Continued

A Video Of An 84-Year-Old Indian Sky Diving Will Make You Fall In Love With His Spirit

Ok guys, get ready to be screaming AWW because this is the cutest thing you will see on the internet today! On Friday, SkyDive Dubai took to their official Instagram handle to share a video of the of an adorable and UBER inspiring Indian 84-year-old. The video shows Sushil Kumar imparting words of wisdom to the … Continued

Khalid Al Ameri Put Out A HILARIOUS Video That Married Couples Could Not Relate To More

Khalid Al Ameri is a Middle-Eastern vlogger who posts daily comedy skits on his Instagram and Facebook pages and many of them feature his wife, Salama Mohamed. In his recent SUPER relatable insta video, he shows how it’s like when he chews really loudly versus his wife chewing out loud and the comments were ALL in favour … Continued

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