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Shout Out To The New Year Clean-Up Operations Which Worked Tirelessly Through The Holiday

Hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists hit the streets of Dubai for New Year’s Eve. And what a show it was! Across the city, the sky lit with 25 fireworks celebrations and even a parachute display. And while revellers made their way home, it was the cleanup crews who worked tirelessly to ensure Dubai … Continued

This Astounding 9.5 Metre Building In Dubai Was Made Using 3D Printing

A two-storey building, measuring up to 640 square metres, The Dubai Municipality unveiled on Wednesday. However, this structure was NOT built but printed.  The towering structure that sits in the Warsan area is now the world’s most massive 3D printed structure is one significant proof It’ll also be added to the Guinness World Book of … Continued

Fears Of Contaminated Chicken Nuggets Reached The UAE But It’s Not Bad News

Your chicken nuggets have not been affected, I repeat, your chicken nuggets have NOT been affected. Fans of the crunchy golden bites of deliciousness all over the UAE can breathe a sigh of relief. Rumours were swirling that UAE nuggets were contaminated with rubber particles after it was revealed nuggets manufactured by Tyson Foods, a US-based … Continued

Dubai Is Cracking Down On Abandoned Cars And 2,400 Have Already Been Towed

If you’re one of those people who lets you car take up a parking space, gathering dust, now is the time to move it. And now only because it’s a pain in the neck for other drivers… Dubai Municipality has kicked off an awareness campaign directed at dusty vehicle owners, any vehicles that affect the … Continued

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