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Witch Up For A Thrilling Weekend At Soho Garden’s Halloween Howl

Who are you lying to, you’ve been prepping for this very moment since the clock struck 12 on the eve of October! The one day where you get to go all out and unleash your inner Hallo-Qweeeen. But the only way to be creepin’ it real this Halloween is by heading down to ANY of Soho’s bewitching … Continued

Soho Garden Is Smashing It With Three Events In One Weekend This October!

THIS. WILL. BE. EPIC. International acts are flying in from all over the world, for three very cool events all happening in Soho Garden on the same weekend! Expect performances from the Electric Swing Orchestra, the famous DXB Cucumber Carnival, (you should be stocking up on cucumbers rn!) magic shows and roaming acts, PLUS you … Continued

Here Are The Top 10 Tunes You Need To Memorize Before Hitting A Dubai Club

Whether you’re heading out, THINKING of heading out or reminiscing about a seriously good night (the bits you can actually remember), you need this page. This post is a playlist, a shout out to the epic club nights in Dubai and the DJs who transform a club from good to great with the tunes you … Continued

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