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This Is What It’s Actually Like To Travel Business Class With Emirates

“Ma’am, Business Class or Economy?” “Erm, Business!” Like many before me, I’ve flown through DXB millions of times (who’s counting), but this was the first time I noticed a taxi driver inquiring about my flight ticket on the journey to DXB. Why was he asking? Because Business Class passengers have a totally SEPARATE entrance at … Continued

This Indian Dance Performance In Honour Of Diwali At DXB Was Amazing

Dubai Airports welcomed travellers with a traditional Indian dance in honour of Diwali and the video is going viral. Diwali celebrations officially falls on October 27, however, festivities usually take place 4 to 5 days in advance, like this joyful pop-up dance performance spotted at DXB along. You’ll also know Diwali is coming thanks to … Continued

Le Clos At DXB Is Welcoming Travellers Back To Dubai With A Premium Gift!

Any Dubai resident will tell you, nothing beats the feeling of returning home to DXB. One of the world’s busiest airports, the modern terminals are home to world-leading stores, meaning you don’t need to visit Dubai malls to get a taster of Dubai’s famous shopping scene. If you’re passing through DXB during this busy travel season, make … Continued

An Emirates A380 Has Been ‘Severely Damaged’ At Dubai Airport

A ‘maintenance mishap’ at a hangar in DXB has caused serious damage to an Emirates A380. Alex in the Sky, an aviation analyst who broadcasts aviation news for Sky News, BBC and CNN among others shared the image which highlights the extent of the accident, which reportedly took place on August 20. The plane was undergoing … Continued

Travellers Beware: Emirates Has Issued A Warning For All Passengers During Eid

Emirates has issued a reminder to all passengers that Eid Al Adha is peak travel time. In anticipation of heavy-traffic, travellers are encouraged to arrive at least three hours before your flight. 100,000 passengers will pass through Terminal 3 this Friday, August 9th, making it the busiest day over-all for travellers…. If you’re travelling this … Continued

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