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One Of Dubai’s Most Famous Teens Has Just Released A Single For The First Time Ever

A few weeks ago, Rashed Belhasa popularly known as Moneykicks hinted that there was a new project in line for him which got everyone super curious. The ‘gram was buzzing and there were a lot of guesses as to what it could be. Well, that cat’s out of the bag Moneykicks drops a hot new … Continued

Moneykicks Just Shared A Cryptic Post About A HUGE Announcement And The ‘Gram Is Buzzing

Dubai’s young influencer Rashed Saif Belhasa AKA Moneykicks, has shared a rather cryptic post on his Instagram story that’s got everyone wondering what’s next. The well known Dubai based YouTuber, is well known for his stunning car collection and his online store. He recently shared a post on his IG and a story with the … Continued

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