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10 Best Excuses To Get Out Of Work To Watch The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is back, and all the action has been intense -We’ve had some victories, some upsets and a whole lot of excitement! However, catching every match means potentially taking a half-day off work or solidifying a legit enough excuse so you can ditch work. But, fear not we’ve got the perfect reasons … Continued

Here Are The Complete Rugby World Cup Timings For Right Here In The UAE

It’s HEERRREEEEEE and you shouldn’t miss a second of it! Despite the fact most of the matches are being held midday, (boo-urns!) there’s good news. All the matches are being played live at loads of venues across the city, and you’ve got a free pint waiting for you at loads of them if you download … Continued

YUS! Bidi Bondi Is BACK And They’re Doing AED25 Drinks To Celebrate

Tell everyone! Bidi Bondi is backkkkkk just in time for the Rugby World Cup and if that news hasn’t made your day, get this: Bidi’s is doing AED25 drinks all day on Wednesday to celebrate. And that’s not all… the venue is also set to host you for the rugby which kicks off on Friday! … Continued

Nigel Owens Couldn’t Resist Reffing On Board Emirates Ahead Of The Rugby World Cup

It’s FINALLY (almost) here. The Rugby World Cup kicks off on September 20 and Emirates has just confirmed they’re the official Worldwide Partner for the tournament taking place in Japan. And to get everyone in the mood, the Dubai-based airline got Nigel Owens onboard. The prominent rugby ref is about to enter his fourth world … Continued

RANKED: The Top 10 Places To Watch The Rugby World Cup In Dubai In 2019

Dubai, make room in your calendar… The Rugby World Cup 2019 is kicking off in Japan on September 20 which means you’ve get six weeks of international rugby to look forward to. The con? Many of the matches kick-off in the morning, midday and lunch, Dubai time. The plus? Dubai is JAM-PACKED with venues ready … Continued

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