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A Man Takes A Drink From A Fridge In Dubai For A Viral Challenge… Then Leaves It On The Shelf

A Man Takes A Drink From A Fridge In Dubai For A Viral Challenge… Then Leaves It On The Shelf A video showing a young man in a supermarket taking a can for a fridge shelf, drinking it, and replacing it back on the shelf before leaving the store is going viral. The video, originally … Continued

Parents: Warn Your Kids To Avoid This Absurd Coronavirus TikTok Challenge

This is painful. An absurd Coronavirus TikTok challenge video has gone viral, where the instigator of the challenge filmed herself LICKING a toilet-seat on an aeroplane. *Facepalm. *Facepalm. *Facepalm. The video has since been removed from TikTok but that hasn’t stopped the woman boasting about it on Instagram https://twitter.com/CashNastyGaming/status/1239039704181493761?s=20 @avalouiise who posted the already infamous video went … Continued

A Dubai Student Interrupts Class And Gets 1.2 Million Views On TikTok

A Dubai student’s voice is winning the internet today. TikTok user @ameerisnotokay interrupted a class at American College to sing Frank Sinatra’s class, ‘Fly Me to the moon’… And the recording is blowing UP on TikTok. Ameer added in the comments, ‘my voice was a bit shaky because I was nervous’…. but did anyone actually … Continued

TikTok Is Dishing Out The Ultimate Hacks For Saving Money In Dubai

Money-saving hacks can easily be applied to your day-to-day life in Dubai, and a stream of videos by TikTok user Archie.  If you ever felt you needed money to enjoy the little things in the city, you’re completely wrong. Watch some of these mini Dubai hacks that’ll change your life: Go to Ski Dubai on … Continued

Here’s The Theory Behind Why Men Can’t Do The Viral Chair Challenge

The latest in viral phenomena has hit with a TikTok challenge that has spread out to the rest of social media, and it is ‘The Chair Challenge.” Everyone’s been trying the challenge, which ultimately shows how men aren’t able to pick up a chair from a 90-degree angle and stand up. There are a couple … Continued

TikTok Apologizes To The Teen Who Highlighted Discrimination Against Muslims In China

One of the most popular social media app, TikTok has issued a public apology to a 17-year-old user after suspending her account for talking about China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims. The video starts with 17-year-old Feroza Aziz giving her viewers an ‘Eyelash curling’ tutorial and a few seconds into the video she advises them to … Continued

This Dubai ‘Before And After’ Video Has 1.2 Million Views On Tik Tok

Are you on the Tik Tok train? You know the kids are on it, you know millions of other are on it, celebs are starting to direct their followers there.. and when you hear the World Economic Forum has an account, you’ll know it’s high time you created an account, even if it’s simply for … Continued

Sara Al Madani’s Inspiring Clapback To A Comment About Getting A Car Upgrade Is All You Need To See Today

“Upgrade your car- get a new one.” What would you reply to someone who hits you with a message like that, after seeing photos of the new car you have just purchased? Emirati entrepreneur, Her Excellency Dr. Sara Al Madani, wasn’t going to take these comments lightly and decided to give her two cents on … Continued

This Supercar Scene On A Dubai Road Actually Looks Like A Video Game

All hail TikTok! A platform where truly native videos reign, where clips with the most ‘likes’ get prominence on the feed, and therefore there’s less of a focus on what your friends are posting, and more focus on producing short, snappy, funny content that people will like, to drive up those likes. And this one … Continued

A Man’s Encounter With Camels From His Car Will Have You In Tears Of Laughter

The most hilarious series of videos have been generously shared on social media platform, Tiktok, and they’ve been all the rage in Dubai this week. A Dubai resident took to the platform to share his uncanny experience with the desert’s most beloved creatures: the majestic camel. The Emirati TikToker is known for his hilarious interaction … Continued

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