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A Siren Sound On The Kris Fade Show Triggered War Time Memories For One Listener

“I was a child of war, from Bosnia.” A sound on the Kris Fade Show triggered many memories for one listener, and she called in to the show to share her moving story. Every Sunday on the breakfast radio show, the total for the popular pop-quiz jumps from AED10,000 to AED50,000, which means if the … Continued

Kris Fade’s Dramatic Near-Death Nail Experience Gave Dubai A Good Dose Of Morning Laughs

Whatever mood you might have been in this morning if you were tuned into Virgin Radio’s: The Kris Fade Show from 7:30am onwards that frown would have been turned completely upside down with probably one of their most EXTRAA segments till date! With all the drama that the three breakfast hosts (Priti Malik, Big Rossy and Kris … Continued

A Virgin Radio Host Is Highlighting The Beauty Of Her Hometown In Afghanistan

The Australian-Afghani Virgin Radio presenter Mariam ‘Mazz’ Hakim, known for her antics on the Maz & James show recently went back to her home country Afghanistan. The content she shared exhibit the stunning landscapes and incredible culture in Kabul, inspiring us all to give it a chance and consider adding it to future travel bucket … Continued

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