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Oi Oi! The Weekend Is So Close And Here Are 6 Brill Things You Can Do

Yaassssss! The weekend is finally drawing near and as always, it’s JAM-PACKED. And the best part? You’ve got loads of activities to choose from. From a moving dance performance at Dubai Opera to a brand new brunch, a kids fitness class, the most magical yoga class that ever there was, and so much more. Running … Continued

Here It Is: 6 BRILL Things To Do In Dubai This Weekend

The one weekend you’ve been waiting for! Well, you probably wait for every one, but as always, there’s MUCH to look forward to. Here’s the big list which will keep you off the couch and exploring Dubai all weekend long Sliding towards the weekend like… 6. Try the LA menu at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail … Continued

Yalla! 10 Brilliant Things Happening In Dubai This Weekend

The weekend is so close and it looks so BLOODY GOOD. 48 hours to kick back and do whatever you want, and as alwaysss, there’s so much to look forward to! Here are 10 brill events happening in Dubai this weekend Feeling this weekend like… https://gph.is/g/ZyPDK0b 10. Kick your weekend off with a Thursday brunch … Continued

BOOM! 5 Awesome Events Happening In Dubai This Weekend

BOOM! The weekend is here and without further ado, here are five banging things you can get up to in Dubai! 5. Thursday night brunching at a brand new spot Dubai is all about the Thursday evening brunches and this new one in a slick bar over looking Emirates Hills Golf club sounds like a … Continued

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