Careem Have Just Announced A Partnership That Will Bring Driverless Cars To Dubai

Our favorite home-grown here in the UAE; the Uber challenging start up, have just announced a partnership with a US firm to bring driverless cars to the UAE. Careem, along with Next Future Transportation Inc. have a strategic plan in place to make driverless cars happen.

'Innovating a greener future'

“We are honored to create a strategic partnership with such an innovative company as Next.. While serving the immediate needs of the region, we are also cognizant of the importance of innovating for a greener and more delightful future...We look forward to working closely with Next to pioneer their solutions in the region."

Mudassir Sheikha, co-founder & managing director of Careem

There are concerns about the safety of driverless cars

Following a recent accident in the US involving a self driving Tesla car, there are concerns as to the safety of these cars. 

The designs are very cool

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