Floating Pods Are Coming To YAS Island And They Look Amazing

What's next, flying cars in Dubai?

If we had any doubt that we are living in a city of the future, that has been laid to rest. The pods will be at YAS Island first, and are created by Sky Tran, a company created by Nasa. They will help carry around some of the 25 million visitors to YAS Island each year. So when it's super hot, like now, and you want to go to Ferrari World, Yas Waterpark and Warner Bros. theme park once it's ready, this will be your mode of transport. 

Flying around like a boss

“While we continue to build world-class destinations and expand Yas Island, it is imperative that we are able to implement an urban transportation solution which is not only energy efficient but also adds another level of excitement to our visitors,” 

Mohamed Abdulla Al Zaabi, the chief executive of Miral, was quoted as saying by The National.​​
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2016 Warnerbros 1 Base
2016 Skytran 5 Base
2016 Skytran 4 Base

Flying pods are just the start, flying cars are not that far away, these could be in Dubai in the next few years

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Recently Google founder Larry Page announced he would be spending $100 million on flying cars and acording to the below video, much of the technology already exists. It will just take a future thinking City to implement such a transport system. We can think of one such City! 

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