This New 'Sport' Is The ULTIMATE Lads Activity In Dubai

Footgolf At Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Never heard of Footgolf? Where have you been? Only joking, neither had we until last night and now we are wondering where it has been all our lives. Footgolf is now here at Arabian Ranches Golf Club’s par 3 course.

Created for golfers and non-golfers of all ages who love both football and golf, it is a perfect combination of fun, exercise and precision. 5 reasons why this is a formula for fun!

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Club House At Arabian Ranches Golf Club

1. It's something different

We're all used to the standard after work / weekend activities; a quick drink after work, a cinema trip, a Netflix binge, another brunch...time to break the habit and try something that I wager you haven't done before (or even heard of yet). 

Footgolf has a little bit of everything; a spot of fresh air, a little light exercise, some friendly banter, a chance to catch up with mates...and all in the name of fun (as long as you me). Get the word out, get a group together and go try something new.

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2. It's way less stressful than real golf!

Don't get me wrong - golf is an incredible sport. However, it requires extreme concentration and skill to not shank your ball miles into the woods and sometimes you just want to have a bit of fun without having to triple check that your back is straight, your grip is correct and your feet are aligned...enter foot golf. The holes are relatively short and the holes are suitably big - run up, give the ball a hoof and you'll be on your way without hacking holes in a course and yelling expletives at an inanimate object.

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3. It's sociable

Getting together for a game of 5aside football or a quick round of tennis is amazing. Although it is great exercise, it is not a time to relax and catch up with friends (unless you want to get shouted at by your team mates that is). Again here is where Footgolf wins ; grab a drink or two at Birdies before (and during) the game, and stroll around the 9 hole course at your own pace. The game is very relaxed and provides a great way of getting a bit of fresh air and exercise whilst catching up with friends...with a small dose of healthy competition chucked in (i'll mention my 200AED wager victory now for my win...did I mention I am currently undefeated - challenges will be accepted).

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4. You can unwind after

Although the game is taken at a stroll, lets not forget that this is Dubai and therefore you will be playing in an oven so once you're done get yourself either to Birdies for a cold drink or head to The Baker-Finch room for a full meal and discuss your new found love of Footgolf.

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5. Normal is boring

When your friends ask what sports you play - you can now say that you are a fully fledged expert in Footgolf and sound like the trend setter that you are. It's football combined with golf...what's not to love!?

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Footgolf is an ideal game to play as a family or a group of friends and can be a great team building activity. Don’t miss out and also bring the little ones along to enjoy this exciting game! 

Price: AED 85 per adult. Children under 12 years with an adult play with for free.

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