KFC Have Just Launched Edible Nail Polish And It Looks Really Strange

We had a bit of fun with KFC Arabia this week, and now we are enjoying something that they have done in Hong Kong. Edible nail polish isn’t new, it’s usually made of vegetable extracts and marketed towards children, however, this is new to KFC and so is their random dancing guy ad. It appears to come in two flavours, Hot & Spicy, and Original KFC nail polish, where after application, consumers lick their fingers again and again until it wears off. 

Two 'finger lickin' flavours

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KFC Arabia caption contest

Don't bite your nails...eat them

KFC have hit the nail on the head

KFC have nailed it

A nail-biting finish from KFC

Don't bite your nails - polish off the new KFC recipe

... In the end, KFC Arabic & Lovin Dubai became friends again...

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