The Burj Al Arab Has Joined The Pokemon Go Craze!

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The worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon GO has well and truly taken hold in Dubai, and local businesses should really try and get in on that action. This gem of a tweet was set out by Burj Al Arab title 'weekend' mood. 

It's not yet clear if they are offering any lures, but it would be quite funny to seeing hundreds of games flocking to the exclusive hotel playing Pokemon Go!

The app is being used all over Dubai with Facebook groups being set up and threads on Reddit. It's expected to officially be released on the Android and Apple App stores in the UAE soon. 

The Geeky Lizard Gameshop is also getting involved

The Al Ghazal Mall spot is a Pokéstop in the world of Pokémon GO, meaning a location where players can find loot for their pocket monsters, like Pokéballs, snacks and medicines (here is more on how businesses in Dubai can't get involved).

After getting hooked on the game, owner  Omar Sharif Al Ali announced this week that the gameshot would be offering lures daily at 5pm.

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