Will Dubai Police Be Nominated In The Running Man Challenge?

Ever since police in New Zealand did the #RunningManChallenge and called out other police forces around the world, the new internet phenomenon just got to a whole new level. The NYPD responded to a hilarious video and others have followed. We wait with bated breath to see if our esteemed police force will be nominated by another police from around the world. 

"The Running Man"

The Running Man dance is a hip hop trend from 1986 that was performed by many artists including Janet Jackson in her hit video Rhythm Nation. It has been reintroduced two weeks ago and took the sports world by storm. Think of this as an Ice Bucket challenge, without the ice and  just as fun. Now, once a police force is challenged, they can choose to accept it, and pass it on to another police force. 

These Maryland Basketball players started the challenge

NYPD accept the challenge from New Zealand

Other police forces get involved

Scotland Police did the #RunningManChallenge

Next Up, Met Police In London and Toronto Polic

Just in case you happen to be near Dubai Police when they are challenged, here is a guide how to do the Running Man dance

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