Adam Saleh Lashes Out At Red Fest DXB Promoters And Pulls Out Of The Festival

He claimed he was used to promoted the concert and then treated badly

Adam Saleh lashes out at Red Fest DXB for not getting in touch with him. The second day of the festival was postponed due to bad weather. Saleh, a famous YouTube star who was involved in an airplane incident last month when he was asked to leave because he was speaking Arabic, was on an independent tour of the Middle East. Saleh was due to perform before Demi Lovato on the second day. However, he claimed in a YouTube vlog that the Red Fest DXB management were rude, and that they reorganized all the other acts but they never changed his time. 

'I feel really confused and left out'

It the lead up, he feels like he was used, Red Fest DXB 'got me to promote them' all over his social profiles, and then treated him badly. He used to video to say that even if they get back to him now, he will not be performing. 

He first started by saying he would let people know when he was performing

But then things escalated

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