Emirati Influencer Anas Bukhash Has Sparked A Social Media Debate Over Who Holds The Purse Strings: The Man Or The Woman

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Emirati Influencer Anas Bukhash has sparked an online debate over who should pay for a meal: the man or the woman? And the internet is divided.

In an Instagram video uploaded on Monday evening, Bukhash points out that historically men paid for household expenses while woman took care of the house, however now the world has changed and men and women share household responsibilities equally.

Now when it comes to the bill at a restaurant, there's no hard and fast rule... and opinion is extremely divided over who should pay or whether it should be a shared responsibility.

Who pays?

It's going OFF in the comments; everyone has an opinion but not everyone is on the same page

Some reckon it's good to share the bill

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Pointing out that it's a balance

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While others enjoy the independence paying for themselves

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"It's better the man to still be responsible of you and make him feel that he is investing in you"

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"I see that as long as the guy can afford to do so, then he’s responsible for it"

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"The man always pays, Alhumdulilah my husband is very chivalrous and I pray my daughter marries a man like him!"

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"It depends on income"

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It's not always black or white....

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Point made: 'We can share... We are all humans. Simple.'

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