DJ Khaled And Salt Bae Just Baffled The Entire Internet With This Video

Nusret Salt Bae Dj Khaled

Two of Instagram’s biggest personalities, music producer DJ Khaled and Salt Bae have come together in two hilarious IG videos to announce a collab.

Naturally, DJ Khaled initiated the convo with his motivational and iconic mottos before stating his admiration for Salt Bae’s success and hard work.

The two have a mysterious project they’re working on

DJ Khaled may have spilled that ‘anotha’ project will be put into work, this time including the two of them. Hmm, wonder what this could be?

Salt Bae in a DJ Khaled music video, perhaps? Or a new NusrEt dish with one of DJ Khaled’s catchphrases?

The possibilities are endless

Netizens responded to the 'mystery' announcement with some good ole' humor

'You are such a mystery brother'

Screenshot 2019 02 03 20 56 58

'He's just using you for free steak'

Screenshot 2019 02 03 21 04 03

Peeps also couldn't help but notice Salt Bae's timing was a little off point


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