Dubai Airports Has A Slick New Brand And They Introduced It In The Most Dubai Way Possible

Dubai Airports New Design

Dubai Airports has just undergone a MAJOR transformation, a brand-new identity, logo and motto and did so in the most Dubai way ever, with a high-definition short film to subtly announce it, of course.

Did we really expect anything less from this fantabulous city after all?

Dubai Airports partnered up with XDubai for the short film

Just when you thought nothing else could improve the magnitude that is Dubai Airports, its leaders keep pushing boundaries to prove us ALL wrong.

Dubai Airports' new identity is not just to being and staying a flight operator but an 'innovative and cultural travel experience.'

Many of us would have to agree this has been the case for yeaaars now, but this video takes it up another notch.

SO extra!

The new reveal featured some AWESOME moves in the city's prominent areas, showcasing the best of XDubai's action sports stunts.

And since the new DXB brand aims to position the world's busiest international airport as a major destination for culture, hospitality and entertainment.

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HH Sheikh Mohammed is proud of this new vision (and so are we)

"Today marks a new milestone for Dubai Airports weeks after celebrating its billionth passenger.. A phase that carries a new identity and transforms Dubai Airports from an operator to an innovative and cultural travel experience. A new vision for the new journey of our airports."

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