Harvey Specter Fans: This Dubai Ad Throws Shade On Downtown And It Is EVERYTHING

Superbowl ads sit down, THIS is the ad of 2019 so far

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If you're a Suits fan, (and you pick Harvey over Mike) you'll be here for this ad.

Gabriel Macht, the man who plays a very believable big-time NYC lawyer in Suits features in a Dubai Holding ad that opens up with scenes of glittering Downtown but quickly begins to big up the perks of Madinat Jumeirah living, along with throwing serious shade on Dubai's priciest real estate.

OUCH: 'The best part about Downtown, is leaving Downtown'

"There’s living and then there’s Madinat Jumeirah Living."

It might remind you of this Dubai ad from 2018 - that won awards at the MENA Effies for its genius

Super Bowl ads, who?

Harvey (sorry) isn't the only one promoting the new project

Ronaldo was in town recently, and he's just posted a teaser to the very same project. Which means there might be ANOTHER shady ad on the way. It's rare ads in Dubai rock the boat, which is why last year's ad drew such buzz.

Waiting on the Ronaldo ad like

This man though

Everyone's impressed

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More of this please!

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