Here's What A Vlogger Thought Of These Under AED4 Street Food In Dubai

Dubai Street Food

Bobby, from the LivingBobby travel channel on YouTube, shared an exciting challenge he undertook in Dubai during his last visit.

Trying out the city's diversified street food and it had to cost less than US$1 (AED3.67). He talks about the misconception and often overlooked multiculturalism that lays deep within Dubai's core- and we agree.

Often, Dubai is misconstrued as a place that has no options for budget dining or for even having street food- but if you look well enough, you'll easily be able to debunk that notion.

He discovered a couple of cheap thrills (less than AED4) at the Meena Bazaar

Strolling through the souks of Deira, Jaffiliyah, Meena Bazaar and you'll find yourself in foodie haven.

No really, there are hundreds of local restaurants that cater to WHATEVER cuisine you so desire: Nigerian, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Afghani- you name it, it's probs there.

But what about light-bites and street food?

Aloo vadda (AED2.50)

Bobby found the aloo vadda (potato sandwich) for US 0.70 cents (AED2.50) incredibly appetising- and says the fusion of its spices added to its 'soulful' taste.

Screen Shot 2019 04 22 At 12 54 33 Pm

You can nab THREE fresh falafels for only AED2

He checked out Tasty Bite restaurant's falafels, in Meena Bazaar.

Screen Shot 2019 04 22 At 1 00 48 Pm

Afghan finds: Taibah bakery's AED2-3 olive or cheese-filled bread

LOOKS delish.

Screen Shot 2019 04 22 At 1 04 01 Pm

But he missed out other goodies (although some may not cost exactly a dollar)

  • Chicken, beef or vegetarian shawarmas from AED3-5 (depending on location). These have been a staple 'street food' known and loved by all Arabs and expats living in the UAE. They're filled with sauce, veggies and meat options of your choice and just ONE shawarma is akin to a full dish.
  • Samboosas (samosas)- Flavours vary between cheese, veggie or meat-filled. A Ramadan FAVORITE, that'll probably only come up to AED5 for a couple of pieces.
  • Chips oman roll, between AED3-7. The use of Chips Oman in almost EVERYTHING (sandwiches, sushi dishes) has turned out to become such a Khaleeji staple and we ain't complaining!
  • Karak- although not a dish, this cinnamon-blended hot tea is one of the most widely-consumed street 'drinks' all over the UAE. And for only AED1 a cup, why the heck not?
  • Mandi- This Yemeni rice/chicken dish is another must-try, although it's more on the main dish end rather than a snack. If you get lucky, you'll find restos that serve this up for only AED8-10.

Watch Bobby's entire foodie VLOG below

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