Mad Props To This Boyfriend For Pulling Off The Most Romantic In-Flight Proposal On An Emirates Flight

The expression on his cabin-crew gf's face says everything!

Emirates Inflight Proposal

Well, nothing says 'love is in the air' quite like popping the question at 35,000 feet.

And when it comes to orchestrating an in-flight proposal, Emirates is truly the king!

The airlines recently shared a video on their social media, where its passenger Stefano surprised his girlfriend, an Emirates’ cabin crew member, Vittoria on a flight from Rome to Dubai.

Props to the fiancé for such an elaborate set up. He roped in fellow passengers and cabin crew to decorate the economy cabin as well as handed out cut out masks of his face and roses to surprise his girlfriend.

The expression on Vittoria's face when she walked in through the curtains is PURE gold. She had absolutely no clue what was waiting for her.

In the clip, as the fellow passengers and cabin crew cheer, Stefano holds out the ring, and Vittoria says "yes". AWWWWWWWW

This is one of the most romantic proposals ever

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