Videos From A Fujairah Wedding Party Have Sparked Major Controversy Online

Authorities intervened

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Videos of a Fujairah wedding have sparked a major reaction online.

Guests at the engagement party of popular Emirati actor Ahmed Khamis and his beautiful new bride, TV presenter and actress Mashael al-Shehy shared footage of the pair looking enamoured and social media has a LOT to say.

The reaction online is a very mixed bag, and the viral footage caused Fujairah authorities to intervene and contact the couple and make a statement.

Footage of the couple cutting the cake and dancing has been reshared countless times

The happy couple enjoying the party - and sparked a massive online debate

People were quick to comment

And the reaction was varied, with some criticising the pair

One Twitter user called on a social media ban for anyone who would use social media in this way for fame

And many praised the police for intervening

Some choose not to watch the 'cringey' videos

Some thought they footage doesn't need to be on social media

"They look lovely, just wish they hadn't taken a video"

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While others don't see the cause for controversy 

"You have done nothing wrong live your life the way you want it'

Authorities intervened

Authorities called in the couple over the videos that went viral, which reportedly go against UAE traditions.

Fujairah officials reminded all citizens to value society traditions

These are the videos causing all the fuss

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