Grab Yo Family & Friends! A HILARIOUS Emirati Comedy Film Is Coming To Theatres This Eid

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Thinking of how to spend Eid Al Fitr with family? Think no more.

A hilarious Freaky-Friday-esque movie of sorts has made its way to the Gulf, and it’s something to seriously be proud of.

Rashid w Rajab (Rashid and Rajab) is a proudly-Emirati film, from the same creator as the iconic animated-film Freej that tells the tale of two Dubai-based men who accidentally end up switching bodies.

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An Egyptian cabbie and wealthy Emirati exchange bodies AND funny events follow

It’s not often you get to laugh to something that’s made in the same city you’re in- adding to its relatability factor. Rashid w Rajab is a movie about parallelisms, to truly show you how little difference materialism make in this world when you’re put in a situation where you have to understand the position you’re in.

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Watch the trailer below!

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