WATCH: This Adorable Footage Proves How Animals LOVE HH Sheikh Hamdan Right Back

This is the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today


There's no bigger animal lover than HH Sheikh Hamdan.

This has been proven time and time again, just a quick scroll through his Instagram feed alone and there's no question on the obsession.

But, kind souls magnetise other kindred spirits, and in Fazza's case- this couldn't be more true.

It's pretty clear animals sense Fazza's good-nature cus they seem to love him right back

Whether it be camels, dogs, cats, or even wildlife animals- they all seem to flock to him without a worry.

A video, found on Twitter, shows the Crown Prince feeding birds from his hand and they are lovin' it.

Check out the adorable video below:

He recently took in a gorgeous new pup too!

...whose name is Tiny.

SO cute

Fazza is also known for his love of horses and supporting the equestrian community in Dubai

This is GOALS


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