Ramadan In Dubai Is Observed In A Wonderfully Unique Way

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The term 'clash of cultures' would never hold up in Dubai.

206+ nationalities live side-by-side, and though languages, religions, cultures and celebrations may differ, we'll say this time and time again; the amazing harmony between Dubai folk is an example to the rest of the world.

And it's never more apparent than during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Islam is the official religion of the UAE and as Dubai gears up for the Holy Month, right now Muslims are preparing their bodies for a month of fasting while other religions are readying to observe and respect some changes that take place.

Ramadan is as much a cultural celebration as it is religious

In this episode of It's a Dubai Thing, the docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai, Lovin Dubai explores 'Ramadan Preparations'; we spoke to people who are preparing to fast and visited a pre-Ramadan iftar where we found a wide mix of people looking forward to the Holy Month.

During Ramadan, working hours will be shorter and most residents are looking forward to enjoying iftar gatherings and family get togethers, some non-Muslims will even attempt to fast (even just for a day!) and among the countless amazing people we met, this one phrase stood out from the rest,

"In this country, religion and culture relate to each other, so they're practicing a culture"

Because Ramadan doesn't just 'happen' and pass us by, people come together to truly observe the month, the theme of giving is amplified and for Dubai residents, it's just as much a cultural holiday as a religious one.

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