"Dubai Speeds Up The Process Of Love" - Here's What Young Couples Think About Romance In Dubai

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You could wax lyrical about 'Dubai as a melting pot of cultures', but until you get out and meet people you won't fully appreciate the statement.

In February, as part of episode two of 'It's a Dubai Thing', a docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai, where we meet the people that make up this city and discover how much of their national identity remains part of their lives, Lovin Dubai explored romance.

We visited events you would expect to meet couples (PEAK romance = Dubai Opera on Valentine's Day) and others which draw a mix (a fantastic three-hour amateur paint class in Dubai Marina).

"Dubai speeds up the process of love... the vibe of the city brings people together"

So many people move here solo, without the support network of family and friends. And the mood from the people we met was that Dubai welcomes you with open arms, people form fast friendships and relationships move more quickly.

It was Valentine's week (emotions were running high), but watching this footage of young couples from different nationalities who celebrate each other's cultures, showing love truly has no borders will seriously give you the feels.

'Dubai is the best place to be single'

It wasn't all romance and relationships. Everyone we spoke to at the paint class had the best things to say about romance in Dubai - whether single or part of a couple.

And the advice for single folk in the city was standard across the board; join events and activities you're passionate about, (and maybe skip the bar scene) if you're looking to meet the one.

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