Jason Derulo's Reaction Towards Salt Bae Shows How Great A Hype Man He Is


You haven't done Dubai until you've had a meal at Nusret AND get to see Salt Bae perform the very 'slice-and-sprinkle' action that has turned him from a meme into every foodie's icon.

And our very own regular resident, singer Jason Derulo, got to catch the meat-slicing action live.

Aside from the entertaining performance; however; you'll notice another enjoyable thing: Jason is the hype man everybody needs in their life.

Derulo's commentary during the performance was pretty hilarious

You could almost feel his anticipation from the screen.

The singer's excitement and surprise during the entirety of the shows exudes that he can not only wow an audience but makes a great spectator too!

The American singer has been here for some time, performing in all the hottest Dubai nightclubs

Not the first and definitely not the last time for the 'In My Head' singer to be performing in the city.

He even performed in Bahrain at the Spring of Culture theatre

This was probs how Salt Bae felt deep down during his show

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