A Kuwaiti Influencer Live Vlogged Her Son's Breakdown And She Might Be In Trouble For It

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The internet is shook after watching the emotional breakdown of a young Kuwaiti boy.

Rayan's mother, a social media influencer, shared live footage of her son to her Snapchat followers.

In the video, she tells her son his grandmother has passed away. And as his raw emotion evolves into a breakdown, she continues to record.

According to reports, the mother has been referred to a cyber-crime unit for the act and she could face between one to two years in jail, for degrading his feelings on a public forum, which is punishable by Kuwaiti law.

With 1.5 million followers on her 'gram account @theveeview, Venecia shares updates of her life daily

As Rayan got more upset, she continued to film

She recorded his breakdown live on Snapchat

The video has been watched thousands of times and shared across other social media platforms. And netizens jumping into the comments section on Twitter are not impressed with some saying she violated the rights of her own child and others labelling her cruel and heartless.

'She violated the rights of her own child'

The case has been referred to Kuwaiti public prosecution

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