Another Lookalike Of Mo Salah Has Been Spotted And The Resemblance Is STRIKING

We bet you can't look away

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Egypt's hero, the undisputed KING of football rn and an all-around cutie Mo Salah has another dopperlganger...and this time it's an Arab man spotted in Kuwait.

The footage of the Kuwaiti man, who works in a slaughterhouse, was uploaded on social media and it's boggling the minds of netizens ever since.

Spot the difference

The video was captured by a man who spotted the lookalike, and he can be heard jokingly referring to the doppelgänger as Abu Makka (the father of Salah's daughter, Makka).

Everyone's reaction be like:

This is not the first time Mo Salah's lookalike made an appearance

Remember this Egyptian dude who bumped into the footballer and created quite a frenzy?

So much so that even the footballer quipped, "it feels like standing in front of a mirror."

Well, what's better than one Mo Salah, several of them!

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