An ADORABLE Video Shows Mo Salah's Reaction As His Daughter Scored A Goal At Anfield

This is TOO cute!

Mo Salah Daughter

A video of Mo Salah's daughter scoring an iconic goal at Anfield is currently making rounds on social media.

Following another Golden Boot win by the Egyptian football legend, seeing his daughter make her way to score a goal into an open not came as a surprise to Salah.

Naturally, the footage has now gone INSANELY viral- with both adorable Twitter reactions and many hilarious comparisons targeting other famous footballers' performance.


It all began when she came out onto the field following her dad's win

She refused to leave the pitch until she scored a goal

The crowd went ABSOLUTELY wild!

With many lauding the little girl for being exactly 'like her father'


There's no better unison than that of a football audience

Such a beautiful moment.

No tears here, just chopping up onions.

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