The Reason Behind The 'Rogue' Skydivers In Dubai Marina Has Been Revealed

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Last week, skydivers were spotted landing on the street in Dubai Marina.

A video showed three skydivers coming in to land near the Princess Tower, an ambulance could be seen on the street and roads were shut.

Residents took to the internet to express doubt at the reason behind the jump, with some simply hoping the jumpers were safe and others taking the mick, suggesting either the queue for the lift was too long or that this was the only way to avoid morning traffic in've got to love the internet.

One 'gram account reported seeing a jumper eventually land near SkyDive Dubai

'One of these guys ruined my scene'

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While others joked the queue for the lift in the building was too long, and this was a last resort

(This speaks to us)

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Now, a film production company has confirmed the jumps were part of a controlled stunt

Prime Productions were filming, in a controlled environment, sanctioned by local authorities. Residents were alerted prior to the stunt.

'Don't be alarmed if you see skydivers in action'

A post notifying residents confirmed the group would be performing base jumps

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