An Emirates Pilot Had To Abandon Landing Because Of High Winds And The Scary Footage Was Caught On Camera

Fortunately, there was no damage to the plane

Emirates Hard Landing Hard Winds Newcastle Airport

An Emirates Boeing 777 battled heavy crosswinds and had to abandon a landing as it arrived at the Newcastle Airport from Dubai.

The dramatic footage was caught by an amateur aviation enthusiast who described the scene as "hair rising" and something he has never seen before at Newcastle.

The recording shows the pilot touching the runway and struggling, before taking off again.

It landed successfully on the second attempt.

The video was posted on YouTube on November 29 and has already racked up over 120 k views.

Watch the scary moment below

Here's what the poster said on YouTube

"A completely unexpected go around was this Emirates 777 A6-EBX arriving from Dubai today at Newcastle Airport. The wind had been gusting at around 25 to 31kts this Thursday morning. Having established on the approach for runway 25 and been cleared to land by the controller, it looked like a normal approach in the challenging crosswinds from the south. As the 777 disappeared behind the hedge before touching down, it slammed down onto runway 25, the spoilers deployed, and the next thing full power was applied for a go around.

I've never seen anything like it here at Newcastle Airport. The aircraft then came in for a 2cnd approach and landed safely Upon landing the aircraft was inspected and initially there was thought to be damage to the rear landing gear. Upon further inspection though it was deemed safe to fly and the aircraft departed Newcastle for Dubai 45 minutes later than planned."

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