Shah Rukh Khan Posted SRK Drinking SRK Coffee With The RACIEST Caption

ONLY he would get away with this

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How do you know you've made it?

When you get that little blue tick on your social platforms, verifying your account as a 'public figure'? When you're flying first class and don't feel the need to 'gram it? When you've got your name on the Dubai Walk of Fame (this is TBC, obvz)....

These are all well and good, but how do you really know you've made it in Dubai? When you've got your face on a cup of coffee of course.

Here's Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan sipping coffee with his face on it in Dubai

There are already over 330,000k views on this, but it's the caption that's turning a lot of heads. Turn up the sound for full effect...

Srsly, only he would get away with this...

Coffee with Kalyan jewellers in Dubai. No sugar in my coffee please...I’ll just lick myself...


SRK loves Dubai

As well as being part of the continuous 'be my guest' series where the Bollywood star invites others to enjoy Dubai as he does, he's also spotted here regularly, doing appearances, clubbing... you name it.

So it's fitting he should HANDS DOWN be one of the first names to appear on Dubai's Walk Of Fame

*Starts petition

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