This Snapchat By Sheikh Hamdan Proves Just How Awesome The Underwater Feature Of The iPhone 7 Really Is

Any fans of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai will know (and if we just count Instagram fans, he's got over 4 million fans) he is a big fan of photography. 

His Insta page is updated regularly with images from his daily life and travels, and he also keeps a Snapchat account. (Do yourself a favour and follow him @Faz3 on Snapchat if you're not already). 

The quality of his recent Snapchat is unreal

This recent Snapchat, shot by the iPhone 7 is amazing quality. The video captures his friend Maj (known as one of Fazza's best friends) swimming beneath water and then going above the surface without losing any definition or quality.

This clip comes from @Faz3snaps on Instagram. His page is made for uber-Fazza fans. It's basically a mash-up of all his Snapchats.

Here are some of the cutest Instagrams we could find of Maj and Sheikh Hamdan together

Definition of dudes

Have a good weekend with your #bestfriend

A photo posted by Maj (@maj) on

Good evening everyone & keep on smiling 🙃

A photo posted by Maj (@maj) on

With this guy ☝🏼️

A photo posted by Maj (@maj) on

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