The New Spiderman Trailer Just Dropped And It Gives LIFE To Marvel Fans Everywhere

Warning: SERIOUS Endgame spoilers here

​Spiderman movie

The release of Avengers: Endgame was bitter sweet.

The long-awaited end of the Avengers saga was a huge box-office success -it just pipped Titanic to the number two spot with a whopping US$2.2billion in takings so far, (Avatar holds the number one spot) - people watched it MULTIPLE times, and while you may have been heartbroken to see the end, the future is actually bright.


'Cos a brilliantly timed 'Spiderman Far From Home' trailer just dropped and it shows a whole world of possibilities for future movie saga-epicness.

The new Spiderman trailer is out, it's got Endgame serious spoilers but you still need to see it

Spiderman is stepping up to the plate and the internet is here for it

It gives Marvel fans everywhere new meaning

The multiverse explained and it opens up a whole realm of possibilities

This short clip has set the scene for a whole new saga

And it's actually totally emotional though


Spider Man Far From Home hits UAE theatres this summer

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