This Simple Video Of A Steak Being Cut Is Nearly Hypnotic It's That Good

This guys knows how to cut a steak

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Wow. Never before did we expect to sit, MESMERISED in front of a screen watching a steak being cut (on repeat) but there you go. This video will do that to you. We've just never seen such a tender steak, handled with such perfection before. Nusret at the Four Seasons is known as one of the best meat restaurants in Dubai, but it's not cheap. It will set you back around AED 500 for a meal. 

Over two million YouTube hits in just two days!

Unbelievably, the video has already had over 2 millions views in just two days (although in all fairness, we've probably watched it about ten times and we reckon a lot of others have done the same). Follow him on Instagram @Nusr_et for more

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Does anybody else have a sudden urge for some juicy tender steaks?

Yeah... us too!. Here are the eight best steaks to get your hands on in the city.

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