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The Facepalm Moment When A Host Mispronounces “Knafeh” Is Your Daily Giggle

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Nobody’s perfect.

Especially when it comes to pronunciations from different regions.

But what makes the following footage of a cooking show gold is not only does the host say ‘kunafeh”, she also attempts to educate the audience in how to pronounce it… and it’s just wrong, so wrong. And Twitter is not getting over this any time quickly.

The video has 10k views and it was uploaded to Tastemade five months ago

But this weekend Twitter got involved and the reactions are priceless

And Twitter is not letting this one slide

So true

People don’t want to hear it

Best one yet

The internet is doing a collective eyeroll

And how you really say it

And now this is all people can hear

This is what she got

A message from the internet…

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