Tyrese Gibson Has Denied He's Been Paid To Say Good Things About the UAE

Kris Fade calls him out, this is the response:

Tyrese Gibson is in town to promote the latest installment of Fast & Furious: The Fate of the Furious and he was happy to discuss some tricky topics when interviewed by Virgin Radio's Kris Fade and Priti Malik.

On being accused of being paid to say so many positive things about the UAE and the Middle East

Skip to 7.58 where he responds to claims, 'I give so much love to the culture... that I was accused of being paid....I'm the guy that wants to work really hard to share a positive message and bring the positive energy...I was offended, I wish I was being paid (joke)".

On his first time smiling since the death of co-star and friend Paul Walker

He said when there is a death it takes time to heal. And he got a message from God that said "go to Dubai'. He had no paid gigs, no promotions, he came here to Dubai and it was the first time he smiled since the passing of his friend "the energy and the love here is something you can never explain".

Take a look at the full conversation here

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