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“What Is It Like To Be A Woman In Dubai?”

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It’s A Dubai Thing is a docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai where Lovin Dubai meet the people who make up this city and discover how much of their national identity remains part of their lives.

There are many misconceptions surrounding what it’s like for women in Dubai. So for this episode of It’s A Dubai Thing (S2: Ep2), to mark International Women’s Day, we asked residents from all over the world who call Dubai home for their experiences and many responses rang true.

“Empowering”, “safe”, “secure”, “easy”…

Lovin Dubai shared one question on all our channels, ‘What’s it like being a woman in Dubai?’ and the team here was touched by the sheer volume of replies we received, both publicly and privately – so, thank you. One thing is clear, Dubai women have messages to share.

Scroll down to watch the full episode of It’s A Dubai Thing.

Here are some of the public responses we got after posting this question ‘What’s it like being a woman in Dubai?’

People respect the security it has as a Muslim country

The level of safety here is hard to find anywhere else in the world

People went deeper. Zara shared how after just 5 years, living in Dubai has changed her life indefinitely

Feeling secure being alone at midnight, no gender imbalance in the workplace and RESPECT in public places – so important

What is it like being a woman in Dubai? Here’s what you thought

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