5 Totally Adorable Al Seef Cafes That Are Perfect For A Pit Stop On A Day Out

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Can we take a moment for Al Seef.

The beating heart of Dubai is a down right 'grammable blend of historical and charming, you can go there to eat, shop, learn or wander...but who are you kidding, you want to know the best spots to EAT.

There are TOO many great spots to choose from, so here's a round up of the totally charming, whether you're looking for an excellent cup of coffee or rooftop shisha and drinks...

1. Kava & Chai

Whether you're in search of a cold brew, a hot brew, a strong brew or a flat, as long as you're into quality tea and coffee, this welcoming coffee and tea house HAS GOT YOU.

With historical exteriors, come here and spend hours with friends where it's all about the chat, the brew and some extremely tempting desserts. Kava & Chai also has a range of delish salads, making it the perfect pitstop to rest up during a day out wandering Al Seef.

Cal +971 6507 0361 or see Kava & Chai for more information

2. Silver Beach Cafe

This spot is all about the views and classic comfort food. Make your way to the first floor and enjoy the beautiful neighbourhood surroundings of Al Seef along with shisha and cocktails...dreamy!

Call +971 4358 4355 or visit Silver Beach Cafe for more info

3. Dukkan Burger

Al Seef and an EPIC burger...match made in 'gram heaven. The quirky spot fuses old school Arabian culture with modern food - they do great brekkies, but it's really all about the burgers here - there are four beaut burger options on the menu, do NOT leave without trying at least one!

Call +971 50 916 1046 or visit Dukkan Burger for more info

4. Jelly Belly Ice Cream

People: this is the FIRST Jelly Belly Ice Cream shop and we are all about it. Remember all the Jelly Belly sweeties you used to pop as a kid? Now get them in scoop form, all made with natural ingredients. Topped with delish sauce and topping combos, there are also fresh-to-death baked goods and so much more on this sweet sweet menu.

And YES there is a buttered popcorn flavour!

Call +971 4379 5178 or see Jelly Belly Ice Cream for more info

5. Kona Grill

Kona Grill has an all day menu, but we recommend it as the perfect dinner spot (just get there early and take advantage of happy hour!). It's spaced out over two levels, so you've got a dining room, bar and lounge indoors along with fab upstairs outdoor terrace.

Kona Grill has a varied menu, but particular shout out must be given to the sushi (which you can see being prepared at the elaborate sushi bar) - the star of the show at Kona.

Call +971 4379 5662 or see Kona Grill for more info

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