Dubai Is Getting A New FIFA World Cup Predictor But It's All Very Mysterious

Snaps if you can guess what!

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The beginning of the FIFA World Cup is looming and footie fever is gripping the nation.

Never mind the fact that the UAE squad were unfortunately unable to make the final 32, Saudi and Egypt's presence still gives us plenty of reason to cheer.

And with the World Cup, comes match predictions in every form. From the pundits to the people and everything in between. And local radio station Dubai Eye has just released a teaser for a predictor of the own, and we reckon you'll be able to guess what's coming...

Dubai Eye 103.8 have a FIFA World Cup 2018 predictor - and it's possibly a falcon

Farah the Falcon will be predicting game results, starting Tuesday 11am, June 12.

She'll be looking to predict the Russia v Saudi game then, don't miss it!

Last week, Brent Black's parrot accurately predicted the winner of the ICL

And it looks like Lloyd is gearing up for the World Cup too

Over the years, many animals have proved their physic abilities

Paul the Octopus and his 'magical tentacles'

Camels, rabbits, and even alligators have been used to forecast match results

The Dubai Eye predictor will be revealed on the first day of the World Cup; June 14


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