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The Volunteer House At The EXPO2020 Site Is Now Open – Here’s HOW TO APPLY

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Just wow.

The House of Volunteers was officially launched at the EXPO2020 site today, it’s a small scale model of what the over 180 pavilions will look like, and if this building is anything to go by, visitors have so much to look forward to.

The volunteer hub is a space for volunteers to gather, giving a feeling of membership and belonging to all members.

EXPO representatives stressed how integral volunteers are to the smooth running of the EXPO; the programme is open to all UAE nationals and residents – including students, professionals, retirees, homemakers and people of determination.

So far, 7,000 volunteers have already signed up – 30,000 are needed in the lead up and for the duration of the event

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Volunteers are crucial to the event – you will be the face of the EXPO

All skillsets are welcome and training will be provided if needed. Volunteers should be aware of the core values; be respectful, committed, energetic and be yourself!

Sign up to be part of the programme here

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The ‘interview process’ is more like a small friendly chat

Within the House of Volunteers, there’s a space for the interviews to take place which can accommodate up to 260 people a day. Do not be intimidated – it’s simply a way for the committee to ‘get to know what the volunteers can bring to the EXPO’.

EXPO is currently in talks with government entities to make it easy for government employees to give their time. More on this to come.

Officials launched the volunteer hub today



Register to become a volunteer for EXPO 2020 now

Registration will remain open throughout the event.

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